The Pain before the Paen!

By: Basil Jide Fadipe
Medical Surgeon, Teacher, Social Commentator
Justin Fadipe Centre
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies

Want to talk records ? Here is one. …Attorney at law then …Law professor then …First Lady Arkansas then …First Lady United States then …American senator then …Presidential candidate then …Secretary of State then again …Presidential candidate. One long unbroken career, …a lifetime ….if by half inside public gaze ; and to jig the memory just in case every of her climb mined with gut- wrenching distractions; When it wasn’t a Ken Starr, so called “independent” investigator, conducting inquisitions rather than inquiries it was a partisan congress fiendish kangaroo sessions , witchhuntedly in hot pursuit or the FBI rooting for smoking guns or just own peers ….green eyed rivals or as cruel irony would have it, her own husband …mind-bending philanderous soap operas; ….every of her steps, dogged by every kind of hoops

Yet ….with grace and felinity, she prevailed, poise and purpose her leitmotif “Grow to help as many as you can, for as long as you can, in as many ways as you can ” Or words to that effect . That was the charge to young Hillary Rhodham from mum. Scrutinise her records all of thirty years and counting, that ‘charge’ rooted as it were in authentic ‘Methodist’ tradition has remained Hillary’s chief push and intellectual lodestar. If these don’t command unstinted admiration

Or constitute unchallengeable grounds for presidency what else will. Scout in any part of the world, the United States in particular, to check how many there are who could hold any office or public influence for all or some of thirty years, and all there are to unearth are token misdeameanours …..mal- routed emails and allied trivias. In less than a decade of power or influence, most public officials, I’m certain would be foot or neck deep in some manner of greed or misappropriation, self enrichment or cronyisms, Or all kinds of self indulgent shenanigans each to the grade of a mortal not venial sin

Hillary….Nope !! The Clintons remain some of the most investigated Americans in history!! Yet each witch hunt ( that is what they all are ) turn up only a set of VENIAL sins, …Hillary’s ….no more than “carelessness”, ( FBI chief ) ….. non indictable mole-hills Yet make mountains her distractors wish. In the nature of things , responsibilities such as Hillary’s must needs have involved lots of correspondences, each day heaps enough to mop up endless hours For those who care to know, it is also in the nature of things that the more cerebral of our daily commitments are best executed late in the nights when the world is full of sleep, the air, relatively cleansed of distractions .

Certainly for me, the dead of the night is the prime of my ‘day’, the unique interlude inside my circadian when my neurones shuttle the fastest. And I’m willing to bet it is same for many my kind. Imagine….for the likes of Hillary. For the hard-at- it addictive worker, It is instinctive, in-ostensibly so to never want to part with work; ready even to carry home, unfinished work; ….lie on the sofa or in the quiet of the study, slaving away to beat up on assignments and deadlines , innocently unmindful of what protocols may demand or what regulations may be thereby flouted.

Why in the case of Hillary do detractors seek to make a ‘song and dance’ of this, imputing crime not credit. I suspect only because inside the shark-infested red oceans, of adversarial politics swimmers, more so the naive/ innocent do so at own risk. …each swimming lane, a via dolorosa, the gory attacks hijacking the neutrality of the waters. ….and of course, in the religion of democracy, majority, no matter how wrong is moral. It’s the reason virtue will often be mangled by those who will work themselves into knots inventing untruths and muds against the other.

When a Hillary mindful of mud inventors and slingers proactively girds her loin, witch hunters out to target the ungirded see girded loins they scream ….crucify!!! ….they d rather open flanks, game for their poisoned arrows. Hillary constantly staying a step or two ahead of her detractors, fogging their views, smoking their plots is construed as lack of transparency: why would Hillary or anyone want to live inside a transparency that can only offer assasins perfect aim. Drain the swamp, then demand visibility; not the other way round . So stellar the career and character of Hillary Clinton, the world is unable to resist the constant crave for a piece of her, ever ready to part with thousands, even millions to secure her attention.

What a worth !!! Yet critics, malefactors and detractors would rather cry tally-ho ascribing taint and corruption where they should learn a lesson or two in the merits of self-transformative self slug. Hillary has slugged all her life inventing a Hillary. ….the product a jewel so uniquely precious every market wishes a stake . To not be tempted by the magnetic luster of a self invented Hillary is to be … best a visual wreck, at worst a castrate insensate caricature, There are those who would wish to have us believe she bartered office for money They will want to force this absurdity despite knowing as well as anyone else that in or out of office, Hillary’s field force ….its lure and market reach never stops expanding .

To be sure that’s no aberration; ….persons who have selflessly served others particularly via the unique privilege of high office, like vintage wine only appreciate with time, often legendarily too long into life after office. It is the megalomanic self agrandising kleptocrat who vacate office, nobody wishes to see except behind bars Hillary is that “Jewel in the crown ” the perfect fit for the presidency, ….tuesday the 8th her rendez-vous with destiny. ….email hyperboles no more than the travails of a winner, …the pain before the paean.


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