The 27 Million Naira Form

At a time when Babatunde Raji Fashola has just delivered a thought provoking speech on values in Nigeria today, it is clear that the APC elite are either not listening, or having heard, refuse to think and act.

How else does one explain the N27m price tag that the party has put on the nomination forms for the presidential ticket? In a country where more than 70% live on less than $2 (USD) a day, is it not reasonable to require such vast amounts for a piece of paper.
Let us put this into context, N27m is about £110,000 (Sterling)! How many honest Nigerians earn such sums in a year?

Therefore, one can conclude that the APC is not keen to attract any professionals or civil servants to the race for the presidential ticket. It is also clear that the party is not expecting any honest business persons either, as you can imagine, people who have worked hard for their money are most loathe to throw it about, and certainly not at something as unpredictable as a party ticket. If the honest and hard working are discouraged, pray, who does the party leadership expect to line up for the contest? The same old gallery of rogues and thieves that have profited from the demise of the nation? If this is change; the APC needs to think again!

One is reluctant to bring the name of the distinguished General Muhammadu Buhari into this article, but since he made a poignant statement on the issue, such reference is unavoidable and pertinent. The General had to seek special concessions from his bank in order to secure the requisite funds. He also revealed that he tried to build support from others within the leadership of the party but met with little sympathy from the very people that we are hoping will come to the rescue of the common man. How many others can be expected to have such great faith in a political party machinery, or the stoicism in the face of such contradictions. Time is running out for Nigeria, if the APC want the privilege of pulling the nation from the edge of the abyss, they will need to change direction and find new gears.

This sum is immoral in Nigeria of today! If we were not in such dire straits, and had the incumbent government done better for Nigerians, a party that advanced such notions would have been roundly criticised and forced to back down, or risk massive loss of support; but we are afforded no such luxury in Nigeria at this time. So, while I still pray for change in Nigeria come 2015, it is also clear that the fight for the supremacy of the constitution and the citizen will continue, even after 2015. The future does not look rosy; but hopefully it will be better than the recent past; we have suffered greatly as a people, and we need some relief. I certainly hope it is sooner rather than later.

May God bless Nigeria; amen.

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