This column is not for the faint-hearted. The line here is bold and brass, and this surely is the place where we call succubus by name.

A Matter Of Life

Arguments and Contentions You would think that we already have enough problems arrayed against us in Nigeria, but every once in a while, one hears of, or sees, a new problem being conjured up to add to our distress, or an old goblin being invoked to undermine whatever measure of peace that we already possess. […]

Why is the world so cruel Lord?!

A Poem. A reflection on our world today. Why is the world so cruel Lord, Why is it so wicked, Why is the world so unforgiving Lord, Why is it so given to evil. Why are people so mean Lord, Why do they cause so much grief, Why is the world so hard to bear […]

Third Term or NOT

“Fellow Nigerians” The gravity of our predicament compels me to call your attention with this heading, which is more reminiscent of an unfolding military coup than the working democracy that we would like to believe we are in.    The future of our nation is balanced precariously.   None of us can afford to ignore […]


To Subsidise Or Not To Subsidise?

That is the question How come is it that the daughters of the Niger wash their hands with sputum, and the sons of the Iroko build their houses with bark?   By what providence do the citizens of this great country find themselves begging bread in the midst of a great abundance of natural and […]