This column is not for the faint-hearted. The line here is bold and brass, and this surely is the place where we call succubus by name.

Until Africa is respected, no black can enjoy respect

Prof. Basil Jide Fadipe Medical Surgeon, Teacher, Social Commentator To be black, no matter how straight or nuanced the story behind the blackness, is also in the end more to be viewed as African….. for good or bad.  And though blacks dispersed around the world no longer represent a homogenous group, ….courtesy history and accidents […]

Law and Sentiment in Nigeria 2016

“Crackdown” On Judicial Officers – Separating The Law From Sentiments By Inibehe Effiong The State Security Service (SSS) embarked on an unprecedented “crackdown” on allegedly corrupt judicial officers across the country over the weekend. Among the judicial officers whose houses were searched and thereafter arrested and detained are two Justices of the Supreme Court of […]

Stuttering Steps of Progress

Re: Roadmap for the Growth and Development of the Nigerian Mining Industry I have a very good friend: Oluwatobi Daniel Fayemiwo.  Tobi is a man of few words; words that are usually measured to the mien and intellect of the parties to dialogue.  The credulous and the ignorant are left clutching straws, but those who […]

Break Corruption Chain

Uproot Corruption: Control Information

A Few Outstandingly Bad Eggs We are faced with monumental levels of corruption in Nigeria today.  In the armed-forces, the civil service, the judiciary, legislature, and even the private sector, corrupt practises are rife.  People that are remunerated to defend the interests of institutions and organisations turn around to undermine, and in some cases, destroy […]

Of Justice and Justices

On occasions like this, I sorely miss my departed and dear brother, attorney Kunle Fadipe; he would have treated me to something close or equal to a forensic analysis of the circumstances: either that or some well argued but laughable cynicism of the system. He would have walked me from the roots, point me along […]

Ben Carson: A Tragic Anomaly

By: Basil Jide Fadipe Medical Surgeon, Teacher, Social Commentator Justin Fadipe Centre Commonwealth of Dominica West Indies If I’d thought the Ben Carson that popped up on the political stage was nothing but pitiful caricature of expectations, his recent decision to cast his lot with Donald Trump reduces him to a tragic anomaly. Ben […]

HRH Sanusi III Marriage to Princess

I am sure NC members all have their views and have kept quiet out of (appropriate) deference to our right to make our individual choice. Obviously, I do not need to explain anything to anyone in a purely personal matter but a few points are worthy of note: 1. The lady in question is 18 […]

General Buhari at Chatham House

Fourth Republic, Indigenes and Far-Right Politics

“Everyone is a foreigner somewhere”. The controversial comments of the traditional ruler of Eko, Oba Rilwan Akiolu has generated a lot of discussion among Nigerians; at home and in the Diaspora; online and offline. The Oba made the comments while meeting with Ndigbo representatives at his palace and threatened his guests with an encounter with […]


Yale Award to Okonjo-Iweala – I Object

Recently, our honourable coordinating minister of the economy was awarded an honorary doctorate by an Ivy league institution. The award has proved to be controversial, especially for some Nigerian observers. Here is what I have to say. Yale University has a right to honour whoever they deem deserving. However, in doing so, they should refrain […]