Drawing a line in the sand

Gani The Porter … (February 2002) Down and out in Korea/Japan … (June 2002)

What is New Nigeria?
The hope of an emancipated populace of Nigerians.   That altered state that is a departure from the Nigeria of 1960 to 2000AD.   The people of Nigeria that actively seek that new tomorrow, today

Who is a New Nigerian?
One who is Nigerian by conscious decision/choice and not just by birth, or legal process.   A person who is proud to reflect the positivism in that identity [Nigerianism] in their conduct, and is not averse to declaring same in public.

What are the tenets of the New Nigeria(n)?

Love  of  GOD
Citizenship  as  Right  and  Responsibility Integrity  of  Person  and  Citizen
Love  for  Country Eschew  of  Violence
Respect  for  fellow humans Perseverance  in  Work
Commitment  to  Social  and  Technological  Progress    Tribal  and  Religious  Tolerance    

What is the old Nigera?
The remnant and descendants of the inheritors of the independence promise, and the 40-year trek from hope to desperation.  All of us.  Held fast by the spirit and the dust of that land that we call home, but living each day in a “Ground-Hog-Day”-esque nightmare.  Legatees, one and all, of a great promise that has become a deep curse.



Who are the old Nigerians?
The Ancient Regime and their moral offspring; their names shall rot.

The cohort of bad leaders who aspired to, and usurped authority in the country, at the time of independence, and still hold sway today.   The intellectually emaciated victims of the Ancient Regime, who having suffered abuse and rejection are now empty shells, a poor image of their selves, devoid of hope, living only for the day.
The disenfranchised and apathetic middle-classes, who in their timidity and fear have lost their own identities and have sold out on the hope of a future for their children.   The masses of disadvantaged Nigerians who have exchanged the robbery of the colonial government for the thuggery and brigandage of nameless/faceless indegenes, to wit, the “Unknown Soldier”, and the “Anonymous Government”.

To Be [NewNigerian] or not to Be?
There is no middle ground.  In the battle for the very soul of this great country, men and women must choose either to be for, or against their people.  The complacency of the majority for the last forty years has brought us to this nadir of nationhood.  We pray and believe that GOD’s time has come for the redemption of Nigeria.  Will you join up and line up with the hope of GOD’s people for this country, or will you stay at home, and wait for others to save your country?


Time is now, to step forward and be counted.

Still standing up for the truth.   “Otolorin”   28th February, 2003


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