Am happy to have visited this site. Yes we need not only more cleaners(personnel) but better better intelligence, in turning a dirty society into a better one. Total reliance on modern technology without real patriotism will get us no where. This is a war. It started in 1914, we were sleeping then. We woke up slightly in October, 1929. We thought we won, but our opponents were more skillful, smarter, powerful etc. Our opponents went under, strategising the formation of modern slave market. They finally announce their victory by calling Nigeria the Largest Market in Africa. We were scripted to be "WE ARE THE LARGEST SLAVE MARKET IN THE WORLD" But we can re script ourselves. Unfortunately too many are too weak to dare the positive change. The strong therefore needs to help the weak. Martin Luther King Jr also fought similar war, today Obama(Black Man) is the president of USA. He said "A MAN BECOMES A LIVING PERSON IF ONLY HE RISES ABOVE HIS INDIVIDUAL CONCERNS TO BROAD CONCERNS OF ALL HUMANITY" And he truly lives. The choice is ours.

Postmaster New Nigeria
Interesting reading; very informative!

aluta aka
its is high time for all of us to key in with renew vigor to save our dear country's from hands of neo-nigeria.''''''''''''''''''''''''''''. the PMB only can't wreck the atrocities from glut of PDP''''''''.god bless my dear president's'''''''''''''''''''''

Dahiru Gidado
I am absolutely in support of what sanusi has said and therefore what God has joined, no one should query over the mystery.

Personally I appreciate the writer's comment on this topic. It is truly his business and the girl in question and no one else's. Some Nigerian have done away with the cultures that has held us intact for a long time, the rise of modernization (which I welcomed on some aspects) has been taken overboard and the consequences are what we now see happening in Nigerian societies. No morals, stealing is an every day market place occurrence amongst the so call well educated and the illiterate, self centered, selfishness, and what happened to a child been raised by a village? no longer applicable in the Nigerian society. So HRH, its your business and no one else's. Congratulations.

It's mind boggling how the seuicrty situation of Nigeria the self-acclaimed Giant of Africa has degenerated to this sorrowful state. One will begin to wonder if we as Nigerians still have a leader at the present. How come the carrot and carrot approach being employed by GEJ is not working? And the so-called Boko Haram has intensified their terrorism, killing people at free-will with the Government of the day not able to find solution. Although, I'm not in any way trying to suggest the OBJ tactics i.e. sledge hammer and stick approach to tackling insurgency but which ever ways we may want to look at it, the OBJ approach really worked if not perfectly well during his regime. Let us cast our mind back to 1999 when Nigeria transited from the shadow of a prolong military rule to a civilian dispensation, Nigeria was like sitting on volcano about to erupt and split it lava in different direction. Are we so quick to forget the restiveness as unleashed by the religious fanatics (Jihadist), road transport hooligans, chief-taincy warlord, ethnic militia and what have you. I can't just imagine how some politicians are being indicted as sponsors of the dreaded terrorist group (Boko Haram) and the government is afraid of taking action against them.. Anyway, this is a country called Nigeria where the government don't give a damn (like GEJ not giving a damn about publicly declaring his assets) about anything that affects the common masses but will take a drastic step when it has to do with things that affect the politicians and big men. For instance, anything that affect Americans, the American Government will fight to the last drop of blood. Using 9/11 as a case study the American Government went after Al-Qaeda kingpin Osama Bin laden (the mastermind of WTC bombing) a terrorist organisation which many believed was bred, spoon-fed and sponsored by US for years till he (Osama) was captured and executed. America wouldn't have given a damn about Osama if he had not bites the fingers that fetched him. The same thing is applicable to Nigeria. The politicians and the big men believed they own Nigeria. They actually own and sponsor Boko Haram. They have been using the terrorist group to kill and further unleash terror on the common masses. Believe me or not, if we really want to see the end of Boko Haram, let they (Boko Haram) begin to bite the fingers that fetch them. Not until Boko Haram go after their direct sponsors and their families thereof, Boko Haram may have come to stay.

Time has come for GEJ to reap where he decided to sow. He protected the North, even when information about plots and sponsorship of violence should have been made public. Of 12 universities he built, 9 are in the North. He built Almajiri schools, but no federal schools in the South! Abuja Kaduja express rail is completed as we speak, at the expence of 2nd Niger bridge. Federal Government funds projects in the North, while most down south are PPI. Money wasted on Lake Chad 30,000 hecters of wheat farm distroyed by Boko haram will have gone far if spent else where. GEJ, hope your Northern 'friends' will say thank you on the 14th.

Adewale Lasisi

You must be a very learned gentleman who loves Nigeria to be one..You have cwrirten a golden piece. If you stop at publishing it in the pages of this paper, then you have done absolutely nothing to help our. First educated president. Please,please, please do more than this. Attempt taking this letter to the president by all possible means. How are you sure his personal assistant on media will read this and let the president see it?.

Gideon /Birnin Kebbi
I wish you were in Nigeria. All that the opposition says they will do to change Nigeria are the very issues the incumbent are doing.The opposisition is not having the kind of ideology Nigeria wants now.The kind of personalities in the opposition are those who do not believe in the unity of the country. Eventhough Nigeria is more developed than all the other civil presidents periods with the coming of a minority president, yet PDP has held power to long. We need a change but we have no better alternative.Our present president is too timid to call a spade a spade yet he is the only president Nigeria has who want Nigeria to go forward. He knows that prominent northers are those sponsoring Book Haram,but he does not want to tell Nigerians because he knows that the south may protest violently. Book Haram supporters are in the police, in the army, in the air vforce , all the Emirs in the north.and in the government.. That is why the army in the face of ridicule has started to fish them out and prosecute. That is the Genesis of the military sabotoirs. Northern Islamic foudamantalist had planned this mass killings for so long but during the execution Alqaida take it over from them and they are bewildered.It is only God that will save and keep Nirie one.